Feyodor Larin EDC's technical sales engineer

Sometimes staff need to be told just how well they've done. And this was very eloquently put by a caller to EDC...

"I recently went up in my loft to read the meter on my Solar PV system, only to discover it registered only about 150 since early July. In a bit of a flap I searched the internet and opted for EDC - thinking they might help me. The phone was promptly answered by Feyo. Right from the start his tone was helpful and empathetic and he quickly spotted I was up the wrong creek sans paddle. Without hesitation he questioned me about the nature of my problem and quickly referred me to another company, AC Solar Service, who in turn referred me to their partner company, ABB in Sussex, who put me on the right track and I was able to quickly locate the problem and fix things.

I grant you it's probably not a big deal for Feyo, or you, or your Company, but I felt the way he answered my call was very intelligent, professional and thoughtful and he represents your Company very competently.

No, I'm not Feyo's uncle! I'm just an ol' geezer living in rural Perthshire, who often finds employees of local councils, central government and large organisations, rude, dismissive and unhelpful. Feyodor Larin was a significant exception, and I ask that you let him know that his manner, helpfulness and interpersonal skills are appreciated."