ABB IE5 SynRM notors from your ABB motor Value Provider

Find your perfect partner - and let ABB guarantee the relationship!

When you’re looking for an ABB drive and ultra-premium efficiency IE5 ABB SynRM motor package, ABB will take full responsibility for ensuring the viability and suitability of this classic combination.

The new IE5 SynRM motor has 20% less losses than an IE4 equivalent motor, great news if you’re an OEM needing to increase your product’s energy savings without making costly design changes.

Cost-effective ferrite magnets take the place of rare earth magnets in the IE5 series, making the motors economically & ecologically more sustainable. And when they’re married to an ABB drive, they provide a potent partnership of power, productivity and profitable savings. Talk to EDC (Scotland) Ltd, your Scottish ABB motor Value Provider to seek out the energy efficiencies inherent in IE5 SynRM motors.