harmonic distortion surveys

Get on the right wavelength with a harmonic survey from EDC.

Are you being bent out of shape by harmonic distortion? 

If so, a harmonic survey could inform you about your electrical supply, allowing you to smooth the sine waves on your network. But how would you know if your plant was suffering from harmonic distortion? Well, the table below gives some examples of the effects it can create. Often these effects are seen as individual problems, and the lowest common denominator - and culprit - harmonic distortion, is not seen as being the real problem.   

How the common effects of harmonic distortion can present themselves:

Effects of high harmonic currents Effects of high harmonic voltage distortion
Overheating of conductors Causes linear devices to draw non-linear current (ie - motors)
Insulation failure Torque pulsations in motors
Nuisance tripping of circuit breakers Flicker in lighting
Nuisance rupturing of fuses Capacitor di-electric failure
Additional significant voltage distortion of networks run from generators Insulation breakdown
Overheating and possible resonance on networks using capacitors PC/TV monitor and power supply failure
Overloaded neutral /neutral earth potential (generally due to single phase harmonic loads) Electronic lighting failure


EDC harmonic surveys are carried out to verify compliance with design specification G5/4-1. To show compliance, the levels of harmonic distortion should not exceed the planning level limits at the point of common coupling: the point at which other consumers are connected to the public electricity supply (and something which we will identify during our site visit). Our comprehensive harmonic survey report provides detailed analysis of your current & voltage distortion as well as harmonic flow. And our summary of results will present conclusions and recommendations for your plant, allowing you to decide on the course of action you wish to take. Read more info on EDC's harmonic surveys.

current & voltage graphs from a harmonic survey