energy suveys tick all the right boxes

Energy surveys tick the box for the gift which keeps on giving. Year-on-year you'll save on your energy costs, extending the life of your machinery.

Read how Leeds University saved £194,00 in energy costs - in one year - with a payback time of only 1.2 years for the 94 ACH550 VSDs fitted over 20 buildings on the campus. Installed as part of the university's 'Carbon Management Plan' the aim was to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. The results speak for themselves with ABB variable speed drives, fitted as a result of the energy saving audit, reducing carbon emissions by 809 tonnes. Drives from 5.5kW to 55kW were fitted on air handling units, fume extraction equipment & water pumps - all of which previously had no speed control. If you've ever thought about an energy survey, and if it's worthwhile, read how you can get a first in environmental awareness and economics without having to go back to school: Energy audit savings.