ABB ACS800-04 module with incorrect caps

Frankenstein’s drive? When a local AVP recently went to rectify a short-circuit on an ABB ACS800-04 module they made a surprising discovery: the capacitors had been mixed and matched.

More non ABB capacitors had been used to meet the value of the ABB capacitors (8 versus 14...and the 14 were of various voltages, meaning some would get hotter than others). We can’t guarantee this is what caused the short-circuit, but it’s generally accepted as being poor practice: “Cutting more corners than Lewis Hamilton” commented one of the on-site engineers. The customer was unaware that this was how the drive had been configured.
ABB parts are type tested for safety and reliability and their AVP drive engineers are trained at the ABB University in Finland. So when you hire an Authorized value provider to service or repair your valuable assets...this mishmash just won’t happen.