250kw hire drive from EDC

Need a hire drive? Who ya gonna call? EDC!

Late on a Friday evening this August, EDC NE took a call from a customer faced with a critical breakdown. It was all the more urgent because the location was a water pumping station which fed a major hospital in Belfast. It was imperative that the site be kept running.

Within an hour of our north east engineers taking the call, we had shipped a 250kW ABB hire drive to the ferry port for delivery first thing on Saturday morning. An on call service engineer was also mobilised to meet the drive on its arrival. Installation and commissioning of the inverter took place early on Saturday morning, with the unit up and running shortly afterwards (as ABB Authorized value providers for drive sales & service) we know our VSDs inside & out - commissioning and installation is second nature to us).

Plaudits to our engineer Colin for his fast, efficient service in getting the customer back up and running – a testament to EDC north east's round-the-clock breakdown response. If you need a hire drive - and you need it fast, trust EDC north east to treat your emergency just as promptly. Call us on 0191 917 0200.