installation of an ABB ACH580 inverter

With ABB you're always working in perfect harmony...

Answering a call-out, EDC attended a leisure facility last week to discover a faulty ACH550 on an air handling unit (AHU).
The customer had already followed the technical advice provided by one of our ABB-trained engineers (we’re always happy to provide phone support to our customers and sometimes a 2 minute call can resolve your issue) but the unit had failed to respond.
Once on site, our engineer quickly identified the problem as being a faulty control board. As this is a costly item to replace, it would be more economical to buy a new drive than to repair the faulty one.
Our engineer had come prepared for this and had taken a new 15kW, IP55, ABB ACH580-01-032A-4+B056 inverter off the shelf to site with him.
As a result, after a prompt installation, the customer was back up and running within the day.Pictured are the two drives on the AHU—an ABB ACH550 (the larger of the two drives) & the new ACH580 - working side by side.