EDC first time fix for you variable speed drive

At EDC we value our customers' trust in us. We're called to site when production is down, a solution can't be found, and revenue is being lost - and we're relied upon to fix the problem. Capitalising on this would be wrong. At EDC we wanted to give something back to our customers. We wanted to make their lives VSD stress free and keep their costs down. 

As such, EDC Scotland & EDC NE will guarantee a first visit fix for your variable speed drive. In the unlikely event we can’t repair your drive on site, we will supply a hire drive. You will only be charged for the hire until you authorise a repair, or a replacement drive. As soon as we receive your instruction, you pay nothing in hire charges. With ongoing up-to-the-minute training from ABB and prioritized access to their technical support and updates, your trust is well-placed in EDC & EDC NE - both of whom have ABB AVP status for variable speed drives. Make it easy on yourself. Make it as easy as EDC…..