launch of the ach580 variable speed drive from ABBThe winds of change will blow through the HVAC industry in August 2016 when ABB's new ACH580 makes its debut.

A drive designed by ABB to specifically meet the challenges of the HVAC industry - such as harmonic mitigation, adequate power drip through, fieldbus connectivity and the ability to catch a spinning load, the new ACH580 does this through changes which have been implemented in both its hardware & software. HVAC protocols are embedded and PID loop controllers are standard issue with the drive. It also comes with IE2 efficiency - the highest class for any drive. A game-changer in the HVAC industry, the ACH580s are are built for compatibility and their "all -compatible architecture" ensures that they can be integrated with ANY HVAC motor. Read more about the new ABB HVAC ACH580 range of drives in our products section (where you can also download the flyer, technical data sheet and the catalogue) and view our new listing of them - brought to you at our very best prices - this August!