EDC engineers have years' of experience in assembling panels to our customers very exacting specifications. And when undertaking a retrofit it's important to make sure that the wiring is not only functional, but doesn't present an electrical hazard. As panels are modified (possibly over a number of years) either to suit new drives or accommodate additions to the system, the wiring can become involved and messy. It can be difficult to work out what is going where. Which circuit connects with what wiring?

 An electrical overhaul of your panel can save costly new equipment being purchased and prevent the creation of complicated wiring diagrams from scratch, but you have to be sure that the modifications will be fully tested and functional before you switch on. Do the legends light up the correct lamps on your enclosure?

Flick the switch with confidence with EDC. Our fully qualified electrical engineers can redesign or retro fit your panel to incorporate new technology or add additional functionality, providing updated electrical drawings which clearly show the new wiring diagrams and display the circuity in an easy-to-follow layout. Contact us today to see what we can do to perfect your panel.

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Pre retro-fit                                                                 Post retro-fit

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