servicing ABB drives

Proud Mary (plantroom pride and prejudice):

‘See you Jimmy’ said the pump and fan,

when our man drew up in the EDC van.

‘We don’t need you, we’re doing well,

in fact, we’re really feeling swell.’

Our man was silent, then heard a cry,

and in the plantroom did espy,

the drive which made the plaintive call:

‘I’m Mary, I phoned you for us all.

I’ve got a problem with my card,

to send the power’s somehow hard,

‘I’m ABB,’ she said with pride,

and never had you by my side,

nor ever had a maintenance plan

perhaps because I ran and ran,

and never showed a sign of woe

but in ten years something’s bound to go.”

“Those two over there,” she said,

“Without my input they’d be dead.

That pump, that fan, do little toil

and all they need is grease and oil.

They sometimes point and laugh at me,

saying look, there’s Mary  - ABB!

In a falsetto voice as well,

they’re both loud mouthed, as you can tell!’

And they, shamefaced at being rude,

looked away as well they should.

In spite of causing grief and strife,

It was Mary who gave them life.

In his suitcase our man did discover,

the part to make that drive recover,

and bring it back to needed action,

giving pump and fan much needed traction.

The drive, delighted, sang his praises,

from pump and fan no ‘Jimmy’ phrases.

In fact, when our man took his leave,

they gently tugged upon his sleeve,

and heads hung down and eyes cast low,

said “sorry mate, to see you go.

But it’s Mary there who makes us loud,

‘cause she’s ABB it makes her proud.

But we know she loves the work she does,

sending sweet and measured power to us,

which lets us be the best we can,

now ain’t that so” said pump and fan.