Take 4 ABB ACS880 low harmonic drives. Pop in a dash of inverter expertise. Add an ACQ580 to the AHU and chill well.

EDC NE recently completed work on a four-pump system and new LV board designed, built, installed and commissioned with one of our integration partners.
The drives work in duty assist to deliver the raw water intake into the works.

One of EDC NE’s top engineers, Neil Keenan, who was instrumental in the project said: “The drives utilise the inbuilt AP not just to monitor the operation of the pumps, they also look at the LV board to see what operational conditions are. If the site suffers a power outage, the generator will auto start and the system will look at the loading to only let required pump / VSD operation match the available power. This allows the site to deliver flow until the power is reinstated and normal operations can resume.”