test rig

Put EDC’s specialist engineers to the test! When a renowned local compressor manufacturer needed to test its turbo blowers at both 415V and 690V and 50 and 60hz  - with motors up to 900kW – they gave EDC the challenge of  producing a single test rig to deliver the required supplies.

Our solution involved an ABB Low Harmonic inverter  - designed for a 690V supply. An output sine filter was used to protect the motor windings at 415V. By using ABB’s adaptive program, one of EDC’s senior engineers, Steven Quinn, was able to write a programme to allow the selection of the various output voltages and frequencies.  The compressor manufacturer’s test engineers now simply connect the motor and select the voltage and frequency from a single key switch. EDC has also provided a tailored monitoring solution for the installation and service kits for 6 years as part of the contract.