ACS880-07-0650A-3 ABB inverter

By replacing the existing damper control with this ACS880-07-0650A-3, 355kW ABB drive, our customer will  improve their site’s generation capability by 838,000 kWh per year and so increase profitability by 42,000 thousand pounds per year - following a 10 month payback.

The retrofit, project managed, installed and to be commissioned by EDC, comes with a host of additional features including:

  • IP54 protection
  • Line Contactor and Estop
  • 100mm Plinth
  • Top entry and exit
  • Cable markings
  • EMC Filter
  • Common Mode filter for bearing current mitigation
  • Lamps, push buttons and switches to match existing controls

Previously our customer was using a soft start to control their motor, but they'll make significant savings by switching to a VSD. When complete, EDC will conduct a final test run before providing training for the end customer's engineers in the drive's operation - making sure they get the very best from their new energy saving equipment.

The warranty period on the drive will be 2 years from installation.