diary of a service engineer and abb avp

David's Diary:

The call came in on a rainswept day,
could we attend a breakdown  - straightaway!
All machines were down, production lost,
no telling what would be the cost.
Our man set out, suitcase in hand,
prepared to traverse throughout the land,
to find, identify and repair,
whatever drive he might find there.
On his arrival, warmly met,
he found the drives and quickly set,
the service suitcase on the ground,
and in a trice was sure he'd found,
the problem which had stopped the line,
and very shortly all was fine.
The motors which the drives inspire,
spun sweetly back to life, to fire,
the missing force which gave needed action,
to lines and belts, all craving traction.
The manager was much commended
as an AVP, he'd recommended.
Our man drove off, homeward bound,
knowing that the plant was sound.
So the moral of this tale must be,
when drives go down, call your AVP...