alternative to the acs800 vsd

As 2017 dawns, the sun sets on the ABB ACS800 inverter. Taking on its mantle are the ACS580 & ACS880 range of drives - compatible with ALL motors currently available today.

The ACS800 was much-loved by engineers, as was its constant torque stalwart, the hard-working ACS600. Reliable, adaptable and unfaltering the 580 & 880 range are primed to step in to a huge variety of applications and can control winches, compressors, pumps, conveyors and cranes... in industries as diverse as mining, oil & gas, cement, chemicals, marine (the ACS880 design is marine approved), sawmills, material handling, power plants - and everything in between. Both come as either wall-mounted or cabinet-built drives.

The 800 series will still be available, but only as a production spare. This means longer lead times - approx around 10 weeks - and a significant increase in price as the inverter will no longer be part of a standard production run. Now is also the perfect time to look at the spares provision you have for your 800s. Preventative maintenance kits are a cost-effective option and are cheaper than buying spares individually. They are also an intrinsic part of a pro-active maintenance programme and are an insurance policy against unexpected down-time.

The selection of either the ACS580 or ACS880 (both of which range from 0.75 to 200kw) will depend (amongst other things) on your application and any adaptive or special software which has been installed. Does your ACS800 have a brake chopper or sine filter, serial communications or profibus/ modbus options? If in doubt - call us out. We'll visit your site free of charge, investigate what installed-base you currently have and make our recommendations based upon not only the technical specifications required, but also the most cost-effective option.

Said EDC's engineering manager:"The long-awaited ACS880 is finally here. It exceeds the very reliable ACS800 in both in terms of looks and software functions. We would suggest that customers set up a date with us, so they can see for themselves its capabilities and what advantages it offers. It's a worthy successor to the ACS800."