Here's what variable speed drive IGBTs look like when they need repasting.

It's an often overlooked part of routine maintentenance, but one which can significantly extend the life of what will have been an expensive asset to purchase.

The above video shows the heat damage (and build up) created by the erosion of the plating on IGBTs after 7 years. It's something which can be easily remedied, stripping the plates back and then re-coating them, so that heat dissipates evenly. We'd recommend it's carried out after 6 years and as part of your regular preventative maintenance plan after all, there's no point in paying to have a drive serviced, but missing out something as simple and vital as repasting. Unfortunately not every company will offer this service - IGBTs are often hidden and not easily accessible and repasting is not routinely offered as part of a 6-year service. But from what our engineers see when investigating drive faults, perhaps it's something which should be considered. Show some love to your hardworking and often overlooked IGBTs and consider giving them a good pasting ever 6 years. Your drives will thank you for it.

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Video credit to Sentridge Controls Ltd, an ABB drive Value Provider for the Midlands.