Raring to get retrofitting with EDC NE

Extending lifecycle, enhancing performance, securing reliability and continuity

Your ABB drive has been with you for so long, and provided such faithful service that your process would be bereft without it. But when more is demanded of your existing unit, there’s no need to leave no trace of your old drive behind...there are steps you can take to modernise your inverters which are minimally invasive, but which are easy, fast and cost-effective. You only need to select one. 

replace, repair or upgrade your abb drive modules

EDC NE is well-versed in these options, having carried out numerous drive module upgrades. Most recently we removed an ACS600xt - which is no longer available- and replaced it with two ACS880 modules, linking them with a DC link. This upgrade ensures that your equipment keeps working for you, and can be expanded to meet the demands of a growing company. And as we specialise in ABB drives (we're ABB trained and audited) we can identify and customise the best and most cost-effective solution for you from within ABB's vast range of drives and modules. The benefits include:

  • Lower energy consumption and improved energy efficiency of your powertrain due to more modern inverters
  • Increased production capacity (larger drives can be sited in your panel and more modern inverters have a much lower failure rate)
  • Reduced waste from the premature scrapping of equipment which is in good working order
  • Extended asset working life - meaning you get the most from your initial capital expenditure

Our bespoke service means that older drives such as the ACS600 / Sami Star and ACV700 can all be modernised with cutting-edge ACS880 series drives. And with a dedicated team of top- flight ABB-trained engineers we aim to ensure a seamless transition to your new equipment with our fast project delivery.

EDC North East: keeping your equipment running whilst controlling your costs. Contact us for an honest appraisal of how to maximise your aging drive equipment - even non-ABB drives can be modernised.

 extending the life of ABB drive module units