inverters fitted to archimedes screw pumps

Fitting inverters on Archimedes screws can stop your energy costs spiralling, giving you greater control of  your processes (because if you’re losing liquid - either via spin off or stopping - you’re wasting energy.

Installing water industry specific ABB ACQ580 drives (which come with a 5 year warranty) to control these screws saves companies in the water industry an average of 15% of the energy to power the application.

Additionally, the ability of the vsd to match the speed of the screw to the flow (for example in dry conditions) reduces the number of start / stops, stabilising the process, greatly reducing mechanical wear on the screws and drive train components, eradicating high inrush currents, preventing voltage dips and de-stressing your electrical components.

Read how one water company saved £127k in one year by the installation of ABB inverters on their Archimedes’ screws.