adaptive programming and condition monitoring of acs880 drives

Final stage commissioning on six 400kw ABB ACS880 low harmonic drives.

Steven Quinn, EDC's adaptive programming specialist in ABB variable speed drives, talks us through one of our latest projects for a client.

"This comprehensive project has been over a year in the making, since taking delivery of the drives at EDC’s workshop for upgrades which included vibration and temperature monitors.

The ACS880’s in built adaptive programme feature has allowed us to overcome some challenges along the way. The feature has enabled us to directly connect and scale the condition monitoring sensors to the vsd. We can now display real-time vibration and temperature signals on two of the drives' 6 programmable display windows, as well as handling fault and alarm levels giving clearly worded messages when activated.

We have utilised the drives motor thermal protection feature by taking the motor thermistors directly into the drive - which ensures motor temperature is not exceeded.

Additionally, the drives' 'Safe Torque Off' feature has enabled us to connect all emergency stops and interlocks into the drive complying to SIL3 safety rating.

These features have proved invaluable on this project. Previously a programmable logic controller (plc) would have been needed to handle this number and variety of different signals".