ABB's smart sensorBuy the ABB smart sensor. I can’t seem to get up-to-speed in the mornings.. .I’m feeling a little warm.. I’m getting overloaded on a regular basis… I’m only just bearing up. ABB’s smart sensor will tell you exactly how your motor is feeling – preventing a breakdown before it occurs. Wireless, (it transmits via Bluetooth) compact, and able to monitor a host of operating parameters, it tells you what your motor wishes it could. Available this year, the pocket-sized smart sensor will add a new dimension to your plant monitoring systems. Part of the 'Internet of Things' the smart sensor attaches direct to the motors frame (no wires required), from where it collects data from your motor and transmits it via bluetooth for analysis either on a smart phone, or a web portal. This data will detect problems before they become full-blown issues. As such ABB anticipates it will cut motor downtime by up to 70%, extend lifetime by up to 30% and reduce energy consumption by up to 10%. A new approach to motor maintenance, the smart sensor will initially monitor bearing health, vibration, surface temperature, speed, supply frequency and the number of starts. Future firmware updates will enhance the functionality - extending the monitoring to include energy consumption. A less 'hands-on' approach than traditional maintenance methods, your motor settings do not have to be gathered manually, and changes in your motor's operation can be identified instantly. As ABB says the smart sensor is "Affordable plant optimisation."Perhaps best of all, the ABB smart monitor works on most types of LV motors - irrespective of the manufacturer. See an ABB smart sensor installation, or take a look at the new smart monitor and how it can reduce downtime, or see the smart sensor overview.

 And see the smart sensor in action.