It’s unlikely you’ll need a fleet of hire drives up to 500kw. It’s unlikely you’ll need an entire set of service suitcases. It’s unlikely you’ll need a host of drives off the shelf for immediate installation. It’s unlikely that your production critical plant will go down at 3am in the morning. But if you do, and if it does, EDC and a staff of fully-equipped, ABB-trained service engineers are here for you. It’s a comforting thought.

EDC prides itself in getting your plant's production back on track. As such, we carry dedicated ABB service suitcases which can be taken to site in the event of a breakdown. There's not much we can't repair, but if your vsd defeats all attempts at revival, the chances are we have a replacement off-the-shelf (either new or from our hire fleet) just waiting to be installed.

EDC's hire drives & service suitcases