Keep your head above water with an ABB vsd

Are you a facilities manager swimming against the tide, drowning in high energy charges incurred by your pool? Did you know that swimming pool operational costs can be reduced by up to 50% simply by installing a variable speed drive? VSDs cut energy costs by increasing the efficiency of your system – adjusting motor speed to match demand and effectively eliminating throttling, which is a major contributor to energy wastage. Payback can be in as little as 6 months and, in addition to energy savings, you’ll also benefit from reduced maintenance, greater control, lower C02 emissions, and extended equipment life due to reduced stress on your machinery and control systems.

The ABB ACH580 inverter is perfect for HVAC applications, such as those found in swimming pools. Because these pump and fan applications are rarely required to run at full capacity for long periods, inverters can produce a tidal wave of savings - a pool pump running at 80% speed only requires 50% of the energy it would require at full speed. The control afforded by inverters over your system means that pump speed can be reduced when demand is low, for example at night or during low season. When the pool is not in use the drive can be set to run at minimum speed, meaning that no manual agitation of the water is required. And if your demand is higher than expected during a peak period, will the vsd cope? Of course. A boost button can be fitted, enabling the drive to increase output temporarily to accommodate sharp increases in demand.

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ach580 inverters for swimming pool applications