variable speed drive training course from EDC

At EDC North East we love customer feedback - and it doesn't get better than this.

This testimonial says so much about Daniel, Ben, Neil (our trainer) and the company, Bridon-Bekaert, itself.

We won’t labour the point; it’s simply the way all companies (and variable speed drive training courses) should be. 

"Just wanted to give you some quick feedback on the ABB drives course.

I thought the course was excellent. It was well organised, and the content and materials were great. Neil was obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. He was open from the start and was more than happy to answer our questions. Some of which were about the drive itself and others that were more in how it operated and its control system. He took the time to explain a PID loop after I had asked.

He was also understanding of the fact two of us were mechanical bias so made sure to take the time on how the drives worked. He put special emphasis on the safety side of things when operating, testing, commissioning and made sure we were aware of voltages and powering down drives and leaving adequate time before disconnecting any supplies.

The kits were great to get hands on with and gain experience with no worry or risk to any person or product.

I’d say the group size was about perfect as we all felt comfortable to ask as many questions as we felt we needed to. Mostly because he had the time to answer them all in full. This ensured we got the maximum from our time with Neil and on the kits themselves. Plus having one kit each ensured that we all got a good amount of time navigating the menus and programming and changing parameters home screens etc.

So, all in all Ben, I know I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have definitely taken away things from it that I hope to be able to transfer on to the shop floor in my role. A thank you from me for organising the training and putting me forward to participate."


Daniel Fox

Maintenance Team Leader