why you shouldn't just replace the fuse in a VSDA simple common or garden fuse? Industrial fuses can be expensive, but they reach stellar levels of cost when you ignore their warning: that there's potentially a bigger issue.

Replacing a fuse can be all too easy - and all too costly. A fuse blowing is a symptom of a problem. If you were to call our ABB trained engineers in at this stage, they'd investigate the fault, find the solution and fix it. It could cost a few hundred pounds. The alternative (and unfortunately something that happens all too often) is that the fuse is replaced: it's cheap, it's easy, it's quick.

The image above is a result of a new fuse being put in the drive after one had blown. The subsequent damage it caused put the repair bill at over a thousand pounds.

We'd always urge customers to investigate why the fuse has blown. Its job is to protect your electrical equipment against excess currents and to limit the damage electrical faults would cause by disabling the unit the fault has occurred in. And dilligent workers that they are, they do their job well. Fuses don't 'cry wolf'.

So, the next time a fuse blows on your drive, have a fully qualified EDC engineer take a look. It could just save you thousands.