Is YOUR business on half-hourly (HH) metered electricity—and switched OFF to savings??

Want to avoid excess capacity charges under DCP161? Then ask EDC to check your power factor.

Switch on using EDC’s free, no-obligation (PF) Power Factor survey to negate DCP161, in force from April 1st, 2018, which can increase charges: in some cases doubling the cost of your power, outwith the agreed consumption level.

Business users with half-hourly (HH) metered electricity supplies are now finding an unpleasant surprise in their latest utility bills. Because DCP161, a new measure introduced by Ofgem, came into force on April 1, 2018. And it imposes significant excess capacity charges on any site that exceeds its agreed electricity consumption level.

Until now, you will not have been penalized for exceeding your agreed consumption level. You will simply have paid for the excess electricity at your usual rate. But with DCP161 your energy provider can impose extra charges. In fact, you might now be paying double or even more, depending on your region and voltage.

So what can you do? The first step is to check your site’s power factor (PF). This is a measure of how efficiently you are using the electricity you pay for. If you were 100% efficient then your PF would be 1 – it never is! In any case, it should not be lower than 0.95. But generally, a low PF is one of the main factors in a site exceeding its agreed consumption level.

This is where EDC can help. Because we offer a free, no-obligation site survey that will determine exactly what your PF is. If it is low, then we can work with you to remedy the situation. In some cases, we find existing power factor correction (PFC) equipment that is simply in need of some care and maintenance, or it might even have been switched off! If new equipment is required, then we will design and install the ideal PFC solution for your specific needs.

Whatever action we take, the outcome is the same – we will boost your PF to the industry standard level. And the investment you make will yield tangible business benefits. First, there will a reduction in electricity bills that typically achieves a return on investment in just one to two years. Then there is the freeing up of additional capacity for new loads. Just as important, the reduced electrical stress on your network improves reliability and lowers maintenance costs.

To find out how EDC’s power factor service can help you solve your DCP161 headaches contact us on 0141 812 3222.