remote variable speed drive commissioning using 4g helmet cameras

Due to the high demand for qualified (and manufacturer trained) VSD engineers in the offshore industry, EDC are working alongside the oil giants of the North Sea to develop 4G helmet cam commissioning of ABB products.

This gives clients access to all of EDC’s engineering talents - without any of the potentially high mobilisation costs.

In this instance we were working remotely with an offshore engineer to resolve an overspeed issue occurring during an advanced ID run. The issue was preventing the completion of commissioning on the project. Working together with EDC engineer, Steven Quinn, the customer was able to check all relevant parameters and scalings, resolving the issue with some minor adjustments to the programme. This allowed the final commissioning on the project to be completed. And all done with EDC attending remotely.

EDC: committed to the research and development of new and exciting technologies which give our end clients confidence in the product (as well as their own abilities).