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It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it!

EDC North East prides itself in the range of diverse projects our talented engineers have been able to undertake.

From being involved in the design stage through to the final testing and hand over, our team has worked dilligently with our customer to secure the very best in variable speed drive application engineering.


edc north east variable speed drive installation

Take 4 ABB ACS880 low harmonic drives. Pop in a dash of inverter expertise. Add an ACQ580 to the AHU and 'chill' well.

EDC NE recently completed work on a four-pump system and new LV board designed, built, installed and commissioned with one of our integration partners.
The drives work in duty assist to deliver the raw water intake into the works.
One of EDC NE’s top engineers, Neil Keenan, who was instrumental in the project said: “The drives utilise the inbuilt AP not just to monitor the operation of the pumps, they also look at the LV board to see what operational conditions are. If the site suffers a power outage, the generator will auto start and the system will look at the loading to only let required pump / VSD operation match the available power. This allows the site to deliver flow until the power is reinstated and normal operations can resume.”

EDC ne panel assembly

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”

EDC North East’s Alan Stewart configured this elegant and functional materials handling control setup using 4 ABB ACS480 inverters, which will smooth the process and reduce power use. It includes a 4–light signal tower and klaxon indication.

edc north east panel assembly

What’s better than an ABB drive? A dynamic duo of ABB drives.

Here’s how to gain ‘leverage’ in your business operation.
Our engineers are on site this week installing a system upgrade for an application previously controlled manually (by a gentleman with a lever!). Three new drives, motors and gearboxes will be employed to control a large drum-type winder which coils steel rope onto reels for the shipping industry. The two linked panels will control both the locking pins which hold the drum in position, and the moving arm which guides the rope onto the drum. The ABB drive controlling the moving arm has adaptive programming which provides an auto cycle to move the guide arm between a set of left and right limit switches. We’ve also added a pendant remote control to enable the operator to work at a safer distance.
This investment by a forward-thinking rope and cable manufacturer will allow more economic production, whilst reducing downtime and spares costs.

edc north east engineers

It’s not all about the money, money, money.

At EDC NE our engineers can lose sleep over the smallest of details:
a legend plate that doesn’t line up, a pilot light that’s the wrong shade of green, a screw sitting at an angle.
Little things that others might miss, but once seen, our engineers can’t unsee. They’re proud perfectionists.
The benefit of this? They’ll apply the same level of precision to your project. You can’t put a price tag on that.


Winch me up before you go go...

Read how our team North East engineers assisted a customer with a winch test - complete with four ABB ACS880 variable speed drives running in master/follower.


Ah! The sweet smell of success...

When a local water authority had a road accident take out a motor control kiosk, EDC North East sprang into action with hire drives, enabling the site to keep functioning. See how they were 'flushed with success'.

edc north east hire drives on a water site